Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to create a safe space for students to do their homework?

1. What is an after-school program?

An after-school program (ASP) is any safe space where learners can do their homework and get help from tutors. Are you keen to start an ASP? Do you have a space and need help setting it up?

How to set up an ASP

2. When planning a program I should…

When starting an ASP, think through what you would like to do and who can help you. Consider your vision for your program and think about what you would need to do to achieve this.  Would you like help with strategic planning?

Strategic planning

3. How do I access financial support?

In addition to asking friends and family to support your work, you can also access funding from other sources. Good governance ensures your team and the learners you work with are cared for. Do you have policies and procedures to ensure financial accountability? Have you considered child protection and staff wellbeing?

Unpacking good governance

4. What is an inclusive learning space?

It is important to create an inclusive learning space where every learner feels welcomed. Helping tutors identify their own strengths and teaching styles can make them excellent mentors, too. Do you need help creating a space where every learner feels they belong?

How to create an inclusive learning space

5. How do I support literacy development?

Creating a library corner with fun reading materials that children can access at any time helps to make reading fun. Literacy development has a huge impact on accessing other content subjects that require reading and writing for assessments. Do you need help setting up a library corner? How do you help a learner read for meaning?

Supporting literacy development 

6. Which tools can help me teach numeracy?

Competence in mathematics not only develops numeracy skills, it is also linked to a learner’s confidence. Which numeracy tools can you access to improve outcomes in mathematics?

Supporting numeracy development

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