Numeracy support


We encourage our tutors to learn together with their students. Our training focuses on different communication styles to help tutors connect with students so that they can work out problems together.

Department of Basic Education (DBE) Workbooks
2022 school calendar
Revised Annual teaching plans: DBE curriculum recovery by grade and subject
Curriculum Assessment: know what your students need to achieve at each grade level


Study guides and workbooks

Mind the Gap Study Guides – Grade 12 study guides
Via Africa – FET study guides in all subjects
GROW Smart newspapers – colourful workbooks on different topic.
Rainbow Workbooks for Gr R-9 – DBE workbooks
Siyavula Resources – download full Math and Science textbooks
Ukuqonda Institute: learner and teacher guides
Dreamer Education: posters, workbooks and CDs
Answer Series – discount through Outliers
Pearson – discount through Outliers
Oxford University Press– discount through Outliers


Worksheets – worksheets for younger grades
NSC past papers – for matric students
Oxford University Press

Online videos

Khan Academy videos – videos for high school students
Mindset – FET videos in all subjects
Second Chance – Grade 12 audio lessons
Grade 12 video tutorials (videos must be downloaded and cannot be watched online)


10 Monkeys Maths – free subscriptions for your junior students
Suduko and Math games
Maths 24 helps with mental math and times tables


Mathway: solve Math questions online
Desmos: Graphing calculator

“Thank you for getting us together with others and discussing each one’s opinion and also coming up with ideas that would encourage us to become better tutors.”

Gillian, Beautiful Gate