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Experience. We have a deep working knowledge of after-school programs based on 13 years of experience. This includes running an after-school program for 8 years and building a collective of like-minded practitioners. Since 2014, we have facilitated investment of more than R13 million to impact thousands of children through after-school programming each year. With your support, we will continue to train and resource community-based after-school programs.

Trust. At the heart of how we work is listening with intent and acknowledging the complexities of the context in which people live. This, together with our ability to meet needs as they arise, builds trust and has made us the go-to service provider to support community-based, academic after-school programs.

Alignment. When engaging with collaborators, we spend time helping you figure out what you are passionate about to guide your investment, whether financial or in-kind. In 2021, we amplified financial contributions 5-fold for investment into after-school programs. Meet our collaborating partners who invest with us to help make this possible.

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In 2010, we started an after-school program to tutor students. As we connected with other after-school programs, we shared resources and training and formed a collective of tutoring practitioners. By 2014, we founded Outliers, to support a community of 12 after-school programs. We have supported more than 320 after-school programs since, together impacting thousands of students each week. I will continue to support these programs until every child has access to equal education.  

I trust in the power of small actions. I believe in the power of hard working people. In a world where everyone has an opinion about what is wrong, the joy of Outliers is watching a solution in action. A solution that comes through small actions, dedicated people and a lot of hard work. I look forward to seeing every child being able to access a safe space of their own, to love learning, and be shepherded by the wonderful people of this network.



I believe that education not only equips us with knowledge to know better, but it empowers us with the skills to do better. Equal access to education gives all young people the power to make choices that shape their lives and not let circumstances dictate it for them. I joined Outliers because they help create spaces so that all young people have access to resources that will give them the knowledge and skill to choose a better life for themselves and their community.

In 2020, during National lockdown and school closure, Outliers distributed in excess of 25000 workbooks. With many printing facilities closed, Vulisango Mtshikwana of Rondebosch United Church helped us launch this emergency response by personally printing thousands of copies of workbooks every week. When we moved offices to Rondebosch United Church, Vulisango joined our team to help with procurement and distribution of million rands worth of resources each year.



Why after-school programs.

40,000 students dropout of school every year.

The value of a safe space.

The impact of positive learning spaces outside school.


One heart. Many minds.

Meeting and learning from like-minded people.

Oversharing is under-rated.

Helping people access their excess.


“Starting” a community.

Formalising good work builds credibilty.

Connecting the dots.

Verbalising who we work with and why.


Give us your stuff.

Inviting collaborators to resource after-school programs

Not just what you have, also what you know.

Inviting people to share their knowledge.


Grow. Steady. Not ready?

Dealing with the tragedy of our growth.

Making a mountain out of a molehill.

Using social connections to get more done.


Mass mobilising a city.

Distributing 25,000 edupacks during a National lockdown.

Curriculum recovery.

After-school programs, the place to catch up.


Back to basics.

Returning to our core focus.

Love yourself as you love your neighbour.

Learning to care for self as we care for others.


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