Inclusive learning

We believe that learning is for everyone. In after-school spaces tutors have the chance to see how students learn best and find creative ways to engage them.


Grow as a mentor

“You help us be a role model and be able to be part of life changing opportunities to motivate kids to be the best they can be in life.”

Elizabeth, Boost Africa

Our training focuses on storytelling and how to connect with students in order to help them effectively navigate their education pathways.

Becoming a mentor – take your relationship from tutor to mentor
Just as I am – Outline of Outliers career development workshop
Harambee – develop skills and find a job
Year Beyond – work experience opportunities in the Western Cape
GRAD magazine – career guidance and university advice along with workbook. Printed magazine available on request
Career Help – the National Career Advice Portal

Find your way

Understanding how we learn helps us to know how we will interact with our students.

Trauma and learning

Trauma-informed spaces take time to look at the “why” behind challenging behaviors we see in students and create a safe, learning space where they feel supported and safe.  Learn more.


Low data search engine

FoondaMate – WhatsApp search engine so students can search the internet and download past papers with low data usage.


Here are some guidelines on things to consider as you help students make the jump from Grade 7 to Grade 8.


There are many ways for student to complete their schooling and enter work.

“The achievement of my degree is highly dedicated to Outliers, to Laura and Heidi, to help me not only dream but to have the courage to go after my dreams and believe I can be anything I want to be. I am a product of the time and effort you put into assisting the black child to rise above their circumstances.”

Letitia Andreas, UCT Graduate