Welcome to Outliers

Outliers is a network of
200 after-school programs
creating safe spaces for learning for 15 000 students.

Your support can help us reach more students.

Why support after-school programs

40,000 students drop out of school each year

Student are most at risk in the period after school

Students in after-school programs stay in school

Students are mentored by caring role models

What we do

With more than 10 years of experience in the after-school program sector, Outliers knows the value and impact of access to safe spaces for learning in the hours after school. We work with coordinators and tutors to ensure that community-based after-school programs are sustainable and able to meet the high demands placed on them. By building their capacity, they are able to help more students access academic support.

Help us train, resource and connect after-school programs to reach 30,000 students

With your support

our network has grown to 200 after-school programs reaching 15,000 students

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