Board of Trustees

Mr Richard Kinross has been serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Outliers since 2014. As a business owner and entrepreneur, he brings a wealth of knowledge on overseeing human resources, engaging with stakeholders, and sharing social capital to uplift communities. He keeps a close eye on our fiscal sustainability,
ensuring good governance in terms of processes and procedures. Richard asks pertinent questions that help us think strategically about our organizational impact.

Prof Wendy Burgers runs a team of medical researchers in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town. As an educator committed to transformation in tertiary institutions, she has first-hand knowledge of the navigational capacity required by young people to succeed in an academic environment.

Mr Roger Saner is an experienced software team coach and senior developer, with a special interest in the human side of technology. His recent work in complexity science brings an understanding of networks and relationships which is beyond simple cause-effect thinking. This is particularly relevant to the context in which Outliers works. Communities of after-school programs are less like predictable machines and more like ecologies.

Ms Babalwa Nyangeni has a BCom Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies from the University of Cape Town. She loves young people and wants to participate in a system like Outliers that supports them in a meaningful way. 

Dr Eliya Madikane

Mr Abongile Salli

Ms Laura Singh, co-founder of Outliers, has an Honours in Neuropsychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. She believes that with support, encouragement, and access to learning spaces, students have more capacity to direct their futures, regardless of their circumstances. She has engaged in community development work with students since 2008 and is adept at workshop and resource development that is relevant and practical.

Dr Heidi Segal, co-founder of Outliers, ran a medical research group in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town from 2002 to 2010. She enjoyed supervising postgraduate students, publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals, and conducting research on the emergence of antibiotic resistant pathogens, particularly M. tuberculosis, in clinical settings. Her proficiency at connecting people to unlock opportunities for sharing social capital has underpinned investment in education of children through Outliers.