Setting up your organisation means knowing who you will support, and how many you can accommodate. Questions like these should be answered before you open your doors, allowing you to have clear focus and goals by the time you engage with students.

Things to consider

When selecting your target group consider passion, need and support.

What breaks your heart? Working in the area of your passion helps you to keep motivated when the going gets tough – and it will get tough! If you simply do not have the energy for Foundation Phase learners, do not force yourself to work with this age group, it will not work.

What is the need in your community? Which groups of children most need your help and support. Consult with those around you. Schools, churches and community organisations will know the students in your area.

Look to who can come alongside you, the venue you can access and the service you can offer. If it’s just you in your home, taking on 50 students would be a huge challenge regardless of passion and need!

A strategic planning session with your team and essential stakeholders can help you make important decisions about how you will operate.

Tools to help

Planning tools

How to make use of our Social Network
Set SMART goals
Time management matrix
Risk Management
Simple log frame to help structure projects
Activities guide to prioritise team tasks for better time management


No matter the age, games are fun ways to start or end sessions. Here are a list of tried and tested games.


Here are some guidelines on things to consider as you help students make the jump from Grade 7 to Grade 8.


There are many ways for student to complete their schooling and enter work.

“The achievement of my degree is highly dedicated to Outliers, to Laura and Heidi, to help me not only dream but to have the courage to go after my dreams and believe I can be anything I want to be. I am a product of the time and effort you put into assisting the black child to rise above their circumstances.”

Letitia Andreas, UCT Graduate

Career guidance

Becoming a mentor – take your relationship from tutor to mentor
Just as I am – Outline of Outliers career development workshop
Harambee – develop skills and find a job
Year Beyond – work experience opportunities in the Western Cape
GRAD magazine – career guidance and university advice along with workbook. Printed magazine available on request
Career Help – the National Career Advice Portal