What we do

Sustain programs to increase access

Young people in poor communities lack access to opportunities and resources that hinder their academic performance and schooling success. In after-school programs, students access tutors who can help with homework and support literacy and numeracy development. A sustainable after-school program is therefore critical to ensuring students continue to have a familiar, safe space to go to in the high-risk periods after school.

To sustain after-school programs we

Mentor program coordinators

Facilitate good governance

Support team wellness

Equip tutors to provide academic support

Outliers has equipped thousands of tutors to provide academic support to the students in their after-school programs. The students who attend these programs have a safe space to do revision and catch up on key learning outcomes. These students are more likely to complete their schooling, access tertiary education, and find employment. These achievements help to sustain them and their families. 

To equip tutors we provide training in

Literacy and numeracy support

Mentor development

Curriculum recovery

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