Set up

After-school programs provide safe, supervised spaces for students. In addition to homework support, access to these spaces improves self-esteem and self-awareness, provides a sense of belonging, and enhances important life and socio-emotional skills. Read more about the value of safe spaces.

Templates and guides

Policies give us a chance to consider how we will create a safe space and mitigate risk.


Posters and art create a welcoming space for student to enter.

Insights from the network

Starting an after-school program is about knowing your space and your community. Work from where you are, with what you have.

Building relationships with partners is essential to how we work at Outliers. This is why our first training is done individually, at sites, to get to know who they are and how they think. This training offers tutors the chance to consider: 

  • Personal vision and motivation.
  • Their own story and how they can use it to connect with students.
  • Their unique contributions.
  • Ways to build resilience and look after themselves.

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