Good Governance

Things to consider

A well run after-school program needs good leadership, clear policies and resilient volunteers. You should look to take the following steps to creating a sustainable and safe program for everyone involved:
Step 1: Step up your Child Protection Policy
Keeping your students safe is always your primary concern. Have your Child Protection Policy written up and understood by everyone in the organisation.
Step 2: Register an NPO
Once you have your documents in place you can do this online at
Step 3: Complete your policies and documentation
Your documents should guide best practice in your organisation. Not everything is needed immediately. Focus on what is most important to you.

Tools to help

Starting an organisation

Before you register you will need:
A Constitution
A template constitution can be found on this site.
You will need a constitution before you send a notice for a first board meeting
A Bank Resolution
Please note, these will be bank specific, check with your bank before setting up. You will
need to agree on this resolution at your first board meeting so that you can open a bank
account in the name of the organization
Board members
You will need a minimum of 3 board members.

For a step by step guide through this process visit
If you would like templates of a Constitution or Bank Resolution please contact us at


There are a number of policies you can put together to help your organisation function smoothly. If you would like templates for any of the policies below please email
Child Protection Policy
Personnel Policy
Board Policy


Fundraising for a small NPO can be challenging. If you would like to know how to set out a Grant Proposal or Letter of Enquiry please email


Looking after your team is as important a looking after your organisation.
WHO Psychosocial Support
WHO Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers
Online training in Psychological First Aid
Learn First Aid

We encourage our partners to make use of SADAG’s new offering NPOwer, a free counselling service for NPO workers. SADAG also has numerous support groups that anyone can join and seminars hosted on Facebook.


Code of Governance for NPOs
After-school program practitioner code of conduct
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Employment Equity Act
Nonprofits in South Africa: online resources for governance, marketing and fundraising

“In training it is always encouraging to see how many are focused and have good programs and volunteers. Training is always positive and practical.”

Christiane, Orphan Care Foundation