Our COVID-19 response

Mobilising printed academic resources during lockdown

For those who are able to afford online learning, schooling has continued at home with teachers preparing lessons and checking in with their students. This increases the divide between those students who enjoy access to online learning versus those who do not. The ongoing inequality of access is being brought into clear focus at this time.

In response, Outliers has collated workbooks for distribution to students who do not have access to any learner-support. These worksheets help to keep them engaged in learning activities over the extended school closure.

25,000 edupacks distributed

What’s next?

In 2020, our students spent their time catching up on missed school work whilst simultaneously absorbing new concepts.  This means important building blocks might be missing for next year.  Our after-school programs are a safe place to revise 2020 work.  Edupacks willhelp to identify problem areas and consolidate ideas so that time spent in the classroom can be dedicated to the new work of 2021.  Keep up the support!

Print 50-100 copies

Run a stationery drive

Distribute of edupacks