Building a space

By including resources in your space you build a positive learning environment.

Things to consider

The basic academic resources you need in your space are
• Age appropriate reading books
Look for a variety of genres, reading ability and languages
• Workbooks
Build up a reference section and try to cover the subjects your tutors will need help with
• Stationery
Through out the year your students will be looking for pens and pencils!

Outliers runs drives for these items throughout the year. You can join in a collect through local schools, churches, businesses and organisations.

Tools to help


By mobilising books into after-school programs we create mini libraries. This means all our students can learn to love storytelling and reading.

Book Dash: download books and print for free or sign up to be a distributor
African Storybook: downloadable stories in different languages
Nal’ibali stories: multilingual stories to download
Nal’ibali audio books: multilingual stories
Nal’ibali newsprints: multilingual stories and activities
DBE readers: multilingual PDF booklets
My African Story: stories in African languages
Sunday Times Story Time: stories for junior school learners
Fundza: downloadable books for high school learners
Funzines: Fundza magazines
Zero Dropout Campaign: stories and audio books


No matter the age, games are fun ways to start or end sessions. Here are a list of tried and tested games.