Administration Fees and Transaction Costs

Our preference is to receive your donation via a direct EFT.
ABSA Savings Account

We have registered on various fundraising portals for your convenience. Please consider fees incurred, as this reduces the amount of your donation received by Outliers. Fees incurred include administration fees, transfer costs, and bank charges. Below, is a summary of these costs as indicted on funding portal websites updated on 28 July 2020. Please visit the websites for updated information. 


Credit and Cheque Card – (3.25% + R 2.00) + vat (15%)
Instant EFT – 1.5% (minimum R 1.00) + vat (15%)
Masterpass – (3.25% + R 2.00) + vat (15%)
Payout Fee (flat rate) of R4.35 + vat (15%) = R5 (NPO rate)
Visit for latest updated fees.


The GivenGain Foundation collects a 5% admin fee and the transaction fees to cover banks, credit card companies, and other associated costs.
Transfer fees are 9 USD/ CAD/ AUD/ CHF or 6 EUR/ GBP or 5 ZAR.
Transfers are initiated on the 10th and 25th of every month or on the first Monday after a 14-day period has lapsed since the date of the donation.
Card processing fees are 2.5% + 0.45 USD/ CAD/ AUD/ CHF or 2.5% + 0.35 EUR/ GBP or 2.5% + 3 ZAR.
Visit for latest updates on fees.