Who will run the after-school program?

The person overseeing your whole program is your Facilitator. They should be the person that both students and volunteers can come to when they need help. This means they will know best how your program is running and what is most needed. For this reason, they are also the best person to be the contact for Outliers.

Things to consider

Look for someone with a passion for young people, who will be dedicated to this program.
Education expertise is not a requirement for this position.
You might be this person!

The role of the coordinator is to ensure:
• The venue is open and setup for the program
• Snacks are ready
• Students and tutors sign in
• New students are admitted according to the program’s rules
• New tutors are interviewed and taken through orientation
• Child Protection and Safety procedures are in place

Most importantly the coordinator is the face of the after-school program. They will set the tone for the environment, get to know each student and be the check-in point for tutors.

Tools to help

Get to know your team

Who in your team might be up to this challenge? Personality tests can help!

Personality Tests
Leadership Styles
Enneagram Test

Trauma and learning

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