Outliers consultants


In 2010, Laura and I ran an after-school program and used our social capital to support others doing the same. Seeing the impact of collaborating on training, sharing resources and opportunities, we founded Outliers with 12 after-school programs. We are now a network of more than 200 programs reaching 15,000 learners. And until every child has equal access to education, I will continue to advocate for access to after-school programs.

I trust in the power of small actions. I believe in the power of hard working people. In a world where everyone has an opinion about what is wrong, the joy of Outliers is watching a solution in action. A solution that comes through small actions, dedicated people and a lot of hard work. I look forward to seeing every child being able to access a safe space of their own, to love learning, and be shepherded by the wonderful people of this network.



Before working with Outliers I had the opportunity to work with an educational program which allowed me to see every type of learner and school in the Western Cape and was always saddened at the lack of resources and exposure majority of our kids have. Now I get to work with another side of this space, with after-school programs, and while majority of them still don’t have much, they have taught me that sitting back is not an option. These partners inspire me daily to keep going.