Developing sustainable programs

Young people in poor communities lack access to opportunities and resources that hinder their academic performance and schooling success. In after-school programs, students access tutors who can help with homework and support literacy and numeracy development. A sustainable after-school program is therefore critical to ensuring students continue to have a familiar, safe space to go to in the high-risk periods after school.

To sustain after-school programs, we mentor leaders and increase access to operational resources. We also provide good governance training that includes psychosocial support for teams.

Mentor leaders

Our mentoring relationship with program leaders informs the programmatic support they require in order to sustain their after-school programs.

As each community’s context is different, we assist with implementation planning that is cognisant of capacity and resource availability for each program. We increase access to basic operational resources so that programs are better able to create safe learning spaces for more students.

Good governance

Leaders receive training on governance.

We run governance training with each organization, providing templates and guiding implementation of policies and procedures. As due diligence increases, organizations are equipped to engage with donors and are more likely to access funding, which ultimately sustains the organisation. 

Psychosocial support

Given the high burden of care that community leaders carry, it is critical that they prioritise their own and their teams’ wellbeing. Through psychosocial support training, we equip teams to develop rhythms of self-care and to build communities of care for themselves and their students.

Leaders supporting each other during group work activities.
Leaders having fun during group activities.

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