Extended learning

Having a plan for the future gives students the motivation to work hard at school. There are many paths available to students. Mentors in after-school spaces are able to explore pathways and help students navigate their choices.

“The achievement of my degree is highly dedicated to Outliers, to Laura and Heidi, to help me not only dream but to have the courage to go after my dreams and believe I can be anything I want to be. I am a product of the time and effort you put into assisting the black child to rise above their circumstances.”

Letitia Andreas, UCT Graduate
  • Dikakapa – workshops on storytelling and mentorship
  • Yazi – helps to navigate the education journey
  • Harambee – develop skills and find a job
  • Just as I am – contact us for the full career guidance pack

Through collaborations with others we are able to share opportunities like art festivals, internships, essay and art competitions. Accessing these different experiences gives students a broader understanding of their world and allows them to make informed decisions about their career paths.

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