What we do

Since 2010, we have supported community leaders to increase access to quality education in more than 350 after-school programs. This has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges and solutions in the after-school programs sector.

Sustain programs to increase access

At the heart of what we do are the women and men who have created safe learning spaces for children in their communities after school. We journey with them to sustain their programs and to increase access to quality education. Read more about our sustainability modules below.

1. Leadership development

This module includes content on strategic visioning, project planning, and operational resourcing. Leaders who participate in these modules feel supported as they navigate challenges and share creative solutions to help them run their programs.

2. Organizational capacity development

This module includes a good governance audit, fiscal compliance, and reporting to donors. As due diligence increases, organizations can engage with donors to access funding sustain their organization. 

3. Team wellness

Given the high burden of care that community leaders carry, it is critical that they prioritise self-care and support team wellness. We equip teams to develop rhythms of self-care and to build communities of care for themselves.

Equip tutors for academic support

Tutors in after-school programs create safe spaces for learners to do their homework. We train and equip these tutors to provide quality academic support for curriculum recovery. Read more about our tutor training modules below.

1. Tutor development

Tutors are trained to connect with learners to build trust and mentor them as they work towards achieving their academic goals. These tutors are able to communicate effectively with learners and build confidence as they support their literacy and numeracy development.

2. Learner-led tutoring

In this module tutors are trained to assess the competency of a learner, regardless of the grade that learner is in. By working at the capacity and pace of a learner, tutors are more adept at providing revision and consolidate new concepts in any subject.

“I like training so I can develop my students. I get to share knowledge with people from different walks of life and we learn so much from each other.”

Zoleka Majola, Walk with a Purpose, Khayelitsha

3. Curriculum recovery

After-school programs provide a unique opportunity for ongoing curriculum catch-up programs. In our curriculum recovery module, we train tutors to assess gaps in grade-specific learning outcomes and equip them with workbooks to support revision of key curriculum concepts.

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Website published 28 May 2020